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Overview of Counseling Services

We offer a variety of therapeutic options and use a variety of techniques to serve you best.

Our Approach

The Opening Path is dedicated to the process of finding the path out of difficulties, depression, and anxiety. In the Opening Path we offer trauma recovery therapy, emotional regulation skills and structural family therapy. We believe to follow this opening path offers each of us opportunities to gain mastery, to come to a sense of comfortability with ourselves and in our relationships with others and to find meaning and joy in our day to day lives.

The Opening Path's offers:

Some negative patterns require traditional psychotherapy. When there has been trauma it is usually necessary to engage in therapy to uncover and process trauma in safety. Negative thinking patterns that lead to depression and/or anxiety respond well to cognitive therapy. Some negative patterns have their origin in areas that are not conscious and therapy is used to uncover these areas.

Psychological Evaluations
Psychological evaluations through The Opening Path can be used for vocational, disability, and medical procedure qualification.

Victor Frankl, in the fourth school of psychoanalysis, found a way to deal with the presence of suffering in our lives. Spirituality covers the desire to find meaning in our pain and struggles.

Psycho-education and training
Becoming unstuck requires the learning of certain skills such as affect regulation, tolerating distress, setting boundaries, managing impulsivity, learning self nurturing, self soothing tools and learning effective communication skills.

Mindfulness training and practice
The practice of the state of mindfulness is itself an opening path, it allows escaping from internal chatter about the past and future, to live in the moment and to see life in new perspectives.

LGBTQ Services
Both Dr. Wanner and Rev. Wanner are happy to provide services to the LGBTQ community. Rev. Wanner has presided at many weddings, including one for the LGBTQ community and rejoices in the melding of deep love and faithful commitment these partnerships bring.

Trickster Wisdom
There resides in each of us an impulse to be the trickster, the revolutionary, the one who doesn't fit easily into categories. Jungian psychology identifies the trickster as the one who shape shifts, gender shifts, acts contrary, uses art, humor and magic.

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