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Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

We offer individual logotherapy and existential analysis.

About Logotherapy

Victor Frankl, author of Man’s Search for Meaning, wrote that every life is irreplaceable but that a person may not be aware that they are irreplaceable. To become aware of your uniqueness, to become aware of the authentic self is an essential part of the goal of Logotherapy. Logotherapy is an exploration of the lived experience of each individual-including personality traits, unconscious attitudes, approaches to perennial philosophical questions, as well as mental health issues which must be addressed as they are hindrances to a full life.

Meaning is not a technique of logotherapy. It is not owned by Logotherapy anymore than Freud owned the unconscious. Meaning is an aim of Logotherapy. A meaningful life can be seen as the goal of Logotherapy. The specific techniques of Logotherapy are at the service of facilitating and birthing this.

Art is not a technique of Logotherapy but it is an aim. Intuition and unique voice can be accessed through seeking beauty. There are things that can be said through art that cannot be said any other way. In art the finger pointing at the moon is the moon.

Workshops in Existential Analysis

Sacred Defiance: Tapping the ‘Defiant Power of the Human Spirit’ for Sacred Defiance

Tapping the ‘Defiant power of the Human Spirit’* for Authenticity and Creativity

  • The Basics: What is the defiant power of the human spirit? Viktor Frankl’s Existential Psychology.
  • Repression: How the defiant power of the human spirit becomes repressed. Consequences of the repression of the defiant power of the human spirit- conformity, fanaticism, despair
  • Freeing the defiant power of the human spirit: Self-distancing. Self-transcendence. Creativity.

Authenticity and Creativity

  • Everything-Nothing: Entering the Paradox
  • Meaning, Values and Courage: Living on the Edge

Being With It

In this course you will learn techniques to access clarity, possibility and breakthrough that, once learned, will stay with you through life and can be applied in a variety of situations- work, finances, relationships, health and more.

  • Experience clarity in your relationship to What Is
  • Extend your field of possibility to include the previously impossible
  • Break through persistent barriers that have resisted change

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