The Opening Path

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Privacy Policy

We treat your privacy with delicacy and respect.

We Respect Your Privacy

For clients to make changes, they must feel liked, respected and safe. Our policy is to approach our clients with respect; to make our clients feel comfortable and most important our clients safeguard our client's privacy. No report or information is released without our client's written permission, with the only exceptions including clear and present harm to self or others, including the abuse of children.

Within the climate of safety and respect, clients feel comfortable enough to share themselves, to know that they are listened to and have the freedom to speak freely and fully.

Each client enters treatment with the wish to create a change and that wish is their opening, an invitation within their deepest self to make their lives more comfortable, or more effective, meaningful, peaceful or satisfying. This hope or wish sets the direction of the therapy. This wish becomes the opening that creates the path.

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