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Trauma Recovery Program

We offer support and counseling to victims of trauma. We specialize in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and recovery from domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse and neglect.

The Opening Path's Trauma Recovery Program

“The ordinary response to atrocities is to banish them from consciousness… Atrocities refuse to be banished. When the truth is finally recognized, survivors can begin their recovery.”
Judith Herman, M.D. Trauma and Recovery (1997)

Research indicates that victims of trauma find their lives changed dramatically. Victims may jump at small noises, feel intense feelings of shame and fear, suffer from flashbacks, nightmares and chronic worrying. These effects increase with each added trauma.

Very often victims suffer longer than is necessary. Too often we approach trauma recovery as though the symptoms are a mental illness when they are in fact a very natural physical, emotional and spiritual reaction to trauma. Unfairly, victims may feel (erroniously) they have become 'damaged goods' . Fortunately, when the effects of trauma are normalized, explained and supported, recovery unfolds naturally as victims begin to experience safety and self awareness and self confidence.

For those who have been chronically abused, self awareness is both difficult and sometimes impossible. The psyche must remain ever ready to placate the abuser in order to stay safe. In recovering, that person must learn to shift the focus of attention back to themselves. This is how adults remain safe-- through awareness of self (feelings, thoughts, impressions) and, more importantly, recognizing the strengths, the courage and intelligence it took to survive.

By owning their own strengths, a sense of personal safety and self empowerment become possible and very real.

At the Opening Path, Rev. Ursula Wanner and Dr. Jim Wanner both provide trauma recovery therapy. Ursula Wanner is a certified clinical trauma professional, through the International Association of Trauma Professionals. As a trained play therapist, she works with children and adolescents as well as adults providing psychological perspectives, information and structure for trauma survivors to find release from chronic fears, overwhelming feelings and diminished self-respect.

The opening path is the path out of trauma towards a sense of meaning, letting go of the anxiety and fear embracing empowerment, replacing nightmares with dreams.

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Play Therapy

Children who have experienced trauma can communicate and recover from their experiences through the act of play. The Opening Path offers a sand table, figurines, games, and other toys for children to use with their therapist during treatment.