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About Ursula Wanner


Ursula is a therapist, reverend, and instructor. She has been providing therapy since 1993.

Psychotherapist and Play (and Art) Therapist

Ursula J. Wanner is a psychotherapist, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional who has been trained in Art and Play therapy

She earned her Bachelor’s degree from the Edinboro State University and her Master’s degree in Divinity from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg. She received a Master of Science in Psychology from Walden Institute and holds certificate studies in women’s spirituality and utilizing art in the healing process.

Ursula has always been interested in healing victims of trauma. She utilizes a combined studies approach: psychodynamic psychology (utilizing Judith Herman, MD) that shows how the trauma impacts a person (with shame and self blame), structural family therapy which assists the client in understanding the particular role an abused child plays in the family system often carrying extra amounts of shame and blame or dealing with a denying or rejecting family.

Ursula utilizes the three stage treatment approach of Dr. Judith Herman with current trauma recovery research to provide a treatment modality that combines psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral and mindfulness treatments.
Group therapy led by both Rev. and Dr. Wanners is probably the most powerful addition to treatment. In group work, those who have experienced trauma are most able to let go of the shame/blame cycle that accompanies chronic physical, sexual and emotional trauma.
As a mother as well as a therapist, Ursula enjoys working with children and their families. She understands the unique problems family violence children face either from physical/ sexual assault as well as the difficulties experienced in witnessing domestic violence. She has found that Play and Sand Tray therapy enable children to safely create distance by telling stories - and as the therapist works in the story - the child gains wisdom and the ability to let go of the damaging effects of trauma.

Ursula Wanner lives in Lancaster PA with her husband Jim. She gardens, Jim paints and their three adult daughters live nearby and bring joy often to their parents with all the amazing information, laughter and accumulating wisdom.

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